Company Profile

Strathbrook Industrial Services is the largest member of the Strathbrook group and is owned by

Michael Noller and Ian Wilson.


The group consists of:


Strathbrook Industrial Services P/L

Refrigeration contracting and service for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. Design and construct service for specialized applications. With expertise in natural refrigerant systems such as Carbon dioxide (sub critical and super critical applications) for cold storage and freezing systems. Ammonia systems for blast freezers, water chillers, carbon dioxide condensing packages, and general refrigeration applications. 


Strathbrook Electrical Services P/L

Electrical panel fabrication, design and construction of electrical systems for refrigeration, heating  and cooling systems plus service to support the refrigeration works carried out by the Strathbrook Group.


Strathbrook Regional Services P/L

Refrigeration contracting and service provider to regional NSW, drawing from the groups combined expertise. 


B&C Refrigeration P/L

Manufacture and service of Aerowhip soft serve Ice cream machines.


Strathbrook Refrigeration Equipment

Manufacture of refrigeration packages for commercial and light industrial systems including micro charge ammonia chillers, Carbon dioxide refrigeration packages for sub critical and Trans critical applications.  HFC  Refrigerant packaged equipment for commercial cooling and cold storage applications. Ammonia and Carbon dioxide and general training equipment for the Australian TAFE colleges.




The Strathbrook Group of companies is currently engaged in installing new, and refurbishing existing Franklins and IGA, Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Service and Maintenance is carried out at a range of industrial and commercial sites including, Streets ice cream(Unilever), Coates Inks, Flint Inks, Fresh start Bakeries, Berri Juices,  Buttercup Buns, Mauri foods, CCL (controlled climate logistics), De Costi sea foods, F Mayer Imports, Sydney West Area Health Services, Franklins Supermarkets, Nepean rubber and plastic, QANTAS Q catering, Club Marconi and many more.



Types of work carried out previously

General Refrigeration and air conditioning system service, design and construction including chilled water systems, glycol systems, brine systems, pumped carbon dioxide systems, direct expansion Carbon dioxide systems, small charge ammonia chillers, and ammonia /Carbon dioxide high stage systems, vacuum cooling systems, blood and chemical cryogenics systems, ammonia systems, Ice cream production hall A/C systems, marine systems, blast freezing systems, chocolate storage ware houses, boning rooms, micro charged critical charge ammonia systems, Ice rinks, pub & club refrigeration and beer systems, ice bank systems, Chester Jensen bakery chilled water system etc.



Key Staff

Michael Noller

Managing Director  (Owner)

Ian Wilson

Project Engineer (Owner)

Scott Riach

Service Supervisor

Rob Allen

Installation Supervisor

Richard Butterworth

Regional Services


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